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Our Unique Nozzle by Pro Aerosols

At Pro Aerosols we know how important it is to have the best quality but also the best efficiency for your paint job. Our spray paint cans are fitted with a unique adjustable nozzle, which enables you to have a spray width of between 2-12 inches; this design is unique to our company. We believe that bigger is better when you are working on a project that needs a wide area of cover.

Our specialist paint technicians, who have over 25 years experience in the industry, engineered our nozzle; and so our cans are of high quality. With our spray paint cans you can have complete control over your project rather than be limited with a mere 2 inches of width.

Regular off-the-shelf spray cans are usually fitted with a limiting 2-inch standard head. We have made it possible to have a range in that fan size which immediately creates a more bespoke, professional and adaptable can for your work. From small corners to large surfaces you can tailor your spraying area and in turn streamline your workload by switching to our unique nozzle. Your finish will not compromised by a wider coat of paint; our spray paint cans will provide you with an even coating and a uniformed finish.

The flexibility of our unique nozzle, means that whether you are spraying wood, concrete, metal, plastic or any other surface, the quality will always be of the same high standard. If you have a project that requires a large surface area to be covered then you no longer have to limit yourself to just 2 inches of width when you can have 9, 10, 11 or even 12 inches of expansion.

As many business owners know: time is money. With our nozzle you can reduce that time spent on lengthy assignments and instead make your projects more cost efficient. It also facilitates your business to a faster turn around on projects for your client. If your customer has a particularly urgent job, both you and your customer need the fastest but most reliable method. Not only this but the more jobs you can complete the more work you can take on and ultimately you will create more profit for your business. Sometimes the quickest way can mean the poorest quality; not at Pro Aerosols. We have combined speed and excellence for the ultimate in spray paint productivity.

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