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The best Paint Primer.

For the best results when it comes to applying any type of paint, is to start it off with finding the best paint primer. Many people do not realise, that this actually helps to increase the durability of the paint, and helps it look smoother with a finished polished look.

Types of Primers

Etch Primer – Only to be used by very high professionally trained personal using proper equipment.
Pro Aerosols Primer – Only to be used by very high professionally trained personal using proper equipment.
Pro Grip – Can be over coated by all paintings, suitable for body surfaces involving; Zinc, Aluminium, Plastics, Galvanised. Painted Surfaces, Fiberglass and Body Fillers.

How primers work

Primers are always applied before the coating of paint. This is the first layer, followed by the spray paint of your choice. Then you apply the Lacquer, which is the topcoat. The primer is applied first, so that when you apply the spray paint, it already has a smooth surface for it to go on to. This means that it will be easier to apply, the setting will be neater. And the durability will be far longer.

When it comes to choosing paint primer and Lacquers, you don’t necessarily need to go with one that matches your paint. As this will be fairly tricky to find. If you want one, that is fast drying, easy to apply and isn’t messy. Then all of Pro Aerosolserosol’s will do just that for you. Colour is not an issue as well, as majority of the primers are translucent, which means that not only is there any visible colour shown, but it also means you can apply any colour you wish on top of that primer.

Any highly trained professional will advise you to use a primer, for something that doesn’t cost a lot, will definitely make the finish of your car look immaculate.

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