Have you ever gone on holiday or walked through a vast city centre and noticed amazing graffiti? Some of the best graffiti can be found across the globe, so here we are going to show you where you can see the most fantastic art!

Where is the best graffiti?

Street art has become a huge part of city culture in the past couple of years with the likes of Banksy bringing a range of ethnicities and social classes together. What was once seen as an act of vandalism is now classed as a conscious engaging piece of art.

With summer coming soon we have taken the time to go through the amazing pieces of art around the world. If your stopping off in any of the countries mentioned we highly recommend taking a look and appreciating the stunning pieces of art you may find around each city.

New York

First things first we have to start with the big apple, showcasing some of the worlds finest art pieces. Walking through Queens will showcase New York as the city where graffiti was born. There is a range of different styles, colours and interpretations that can be made from the graffiti. But each piece has its own story which is shown through its technicolour glory.

You may notice that the walls in NYC have been presented in a range of movies, programmes and even documentaries. If you want to find out the range of art pieces your can look at we recommend giving HypeBeast’s article NYC Street Art Worthy of a Day Trip a read.


Melbourne is a city that is constantly growing, and that also goes for its graffiti scene. Previously you would not have seen much graffiti around the city; however, in the past decade, there has been an influx in the amount of street art lining the city. Graffiti art has exploded throughout the city, embracing colours and different art forms. The city now holds its own annual stencil festival which is great to go and see. We highly recommend going to see ACDC lane, while the name sort of gives it away, there is some breathtaking street art of band members and emblems.


London is one of the most fantastic places to go and see street art, while we may be a little bias as it is our capital city, it holds stunning pieces of art that are eye-catching. As people don’t know who Banksy is nor do they know where he lives, London holds masses of his work, walls display, a huge variety of different street art and capitulating paintwork. London hosts a wide variety of artists including, Kind Robbo, Ben Slow, Adam Neate and Slinkachu. We highly recommend if your ever thinking of visiting London, take a walking tour through free tours by foot.


Berlin is a gorgeous city in itself with a lot of history to tell. If you are ever going for a trip and fancy something different for a few hours, you should take a look at some of the street art the city has to offer. The city promotes self-expression through its art, there are many different tours you can take around the city to experience berlins street art. One of the first things you will notice when taking a tour is the signatures. In the German City of Berlin, the artist is just as important as the art; it has some of the best artist creating some of the most magnificent pieces of art.


Granada, Spain isn’t widely known for the street art, however, is known for the Moroccan style of architecture. Street art in Granada became much more popular in the early 90’s, with a huge portion of the art being done by the creative El Nino de las Pinturas. If you are looking for the street art, we recommend taking a trip doe the streets leading from the river and Alhambra. If you would like more information on the artwork in Granada, we recommend giving Migrating Miss’ article a read on Graffiti in Granada: The Backstreet Art Gallery of Spain.


Brazil is a vast growing city as is well known for its favelas. However, it is one of the biggest cities with a range of diversity. Back in 2009 Brazilians prompted the government to decriminalise street art, meaning an artist who did not get consent from the property owner could only have legal action taken against them. Some of the most amazing street art spots can be found in Rio de Janeiro which can be seen on almost every street in the city including favelas.

San Juan

In 2010 San Juan held its first street art festival, which they had hoped to turn the city into a major arts destination. Unlike some of the other destinations we have mentioned throughout this article, San Juan street art is very different in comparison, rather than a range of street art, artist showcase murals that cover buildings with historical and contemporary issues. Many pieces of the street art you can experience today have strong connotations of political issues the people of Porto Rico have encountered.


Unfortunately back in 2010, a teenage street artist was fatally shot. After an array of protests, the city of Bogata changed street art laws and decriminalised graffiti. Once laws had changed, the city has seen an influx of elaborate murals which have bloomed and flourished.


If you are ever visiting any of the cities mentioned in this article, we highly recommend taking the time to go and experience the gorgeous street art, while you may think graffiti is vandalism it can hold some of the most magnificent pieces of art. Many tell stories old and new, some can even provide more insight into the historical events which took place in each city.

If your thinking of doing any street art at home or want o replicate any of the street art mentioned in a bedroom or as a statement wall. We recommend using British standard spray paints to give you the best colour and precision.

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