Jons locomotive

Fantastic work by Jon Fysh on his amazing hand built custom locomotion, sprayed with Pro Aerosols paints. Jons Locomotive Jon used an etch primer and acrylic based paint. The proje...

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english house

The best paint to use in certain rooms

If you are looking to redecorate your home or are thinking of selling your home so could do with a revamp then you might be interested in what paint you can use. Some may be more c...

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black wall bathroom

The best way to paint a bathroom

A bathroom is usually a place you keep clean and is generally a neutral looking area in the home. But this does not always need to be the case; you can create a range of gorgeous d...

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silver car respray

Silver Car Fix

Thank you to the gentlemen that sent us images of his car respray. The Project The gentlemen had some damage to his wing mirror and exterior part of his car. He used a grey primer...

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mason jars

Spray paint ideas for around the home

Spray painting is a great way to revamp items in the home that you are just not in love with anymore. Giving your home a fresh makeover can instantly improve your décor with a lit...

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spray paint cans

Common Spray Paint Mistakes

Whether you are a spray painting fanatic, or you are just starting out. You need to make sure you do not make these common spray paint mistakes. What are the most common spray pain...

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Peter Shefford Motorbike Respray

Thanks, Peter Shefford for the fantastic pics of the job you did with our paints on your motorbike. The Project Peter wanted an anti-corrosive paint for his Exhaust and part of the...

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Gold Spray Paint Hacks

Who doesn’t love a bit of gold spray paint! Whether you’re thinking of updating old furniture or you want to glam up something you bought, spray paint is one of the bes...

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What supplies are needed for spray paint art

Spray paint art is no longer just for the streets, it has now been taken as a respected new form of art which brings modern perspectives and designs into both small and large scale...

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Tomasz Opara Vehicle Respray

Thanks, Tomasz Opara for your fantastic pics of your complete vehicle re-spray and some of the interior parts. The Project The job is coming on fantastically and we look forward to...

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