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RAL 7016 400ml Custom Filled Aerosol Spray Paint Can


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From 10 to 49 units £10.99
From 50 to 99 units £9.99
From 100 to 199 units £8.99
From 200 to 499 units £7.99
From 500 to 999 units £6.99
1000 units or more £5.99

Product Code: RAL-7016
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Product Description

RAL 7016 custom filled 400ml aerosol spray paint can.

*Please note – These are mixed colours, colour accuracy should be checked before application. No responsibility for colour differences can be accepted after use.

Of all the colour coding systems contained within the Central European Colour Standard system, the RAL colour is system is by far the most popular. The popularity which this system enjoys can be largely be attributed to the widespread usage and application of the colours it contains. Colours contained within the RAL system can frequently be observed in the UK used in signage, construction and industry.

The RAL system aims to provide an easy means by which specific colours can be identified and a language by which they can be communicated. Due to this, the system which was created in 1927 lists each of the 200 colours by a four digit reference number.

In order to enable our customers to access and enjoy the colour contained within the RAL colour system we provide a range of 400ml custom filled cans. This includes RAL 7016, Anthracite Grey, which is exceedingly popular for use in a wide range of applications, including industrial interiors, signage and even to provide coatings on vehicles.

When selecting a custom filled RAL 7016 we offer a number of additional options, which enable you to make slight customisations to the paint to provide the coating which best suits your specific requirements. These options include selecting the actual type of paint you require, we offer three unique options, cellulose, acrylic and synthetic enamel.

We also offer a selection of gloss level options, enabling you to select the optimum coating finish for your application. Our gloss level options are percentage based and range from 90%, which produces a Full Gloss, through to 15% which creates a Matt finish.

Further options can be included to your custom filled RAL 7016 400ml spray paint cans for an additional fee. These options include a UV protection for the coating, this enhances its longevity and prevents the paint from fading due to direct exposure to the sun. This is incredible beneficial if your application is external.

Please note that all our custom filled RAL 7016 400ml spray paint cans are mixed paints. The colour accuracy of these cans should be tested prior to application. Pro Aerosols accept no responsibility for colour discrepancies and differences following use.

For further information about our custom filled RAL 7016 400ml spray paint cans, or to enquire about differences in our gloss levels or paint types, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: 01908 272 814. Email enquiries can be sent to us by clicking here.

Acrylic Technical Data (Full Gloss, Semi Gloss & Satin)

Theoretical Coverage

1 m2 (2 Coats)

Recommended Coats

2 Coats

Recommeded Film Thickness


Drying Time

Air drying at 20°C - Dust-free: 5-7 min, Handling: 10 min, Though drying: 4 hrs.