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Our custom filled primer spray paints provide a means to provide a superior level of adherence to finishing paints than when these paints are used in isolation. Our primers have been designed in order to adhere to surfaces in order to provide a bonding layer which is better able to receive paint than the untreated surface it is applied to.

The physical properties of our primers, including porosity, tackiness and hygroscopy, have been enhanced to enable our primers to provide better bonding and filling qualities. Our primers can be applied to a wide range of surfaces ranging from wood to metal. However, our primers provide the best effects when they are applied to materials which are not water resistant but will be exposed to the elements.


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    Our new PRO AEROSOLS Primer Paints. This new industrial grade Primer paint can be produced in a colour of your choice and comes standard with UV protection making your paint last longer in direct sunlight. This paint is commonly used on site and industrially but has so much more potential due its flexibility and strength Read More


    DISCLAIMER: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. This product is not for sale to the general public and should be applied by professionally trained personnel using the proper equipment. Pro Aerosols Primer – custom filled 500ml aerosol spray paint can. *Please note – These Read More