Spray paint ideas for around the home

Posted on 21st November 2017 by Darren Cullen

Spray painting is a great way to revamp items in the home that you are just not in love with anymore. Giving your home a fresh make over can instantly improve your décor with a little spray paint. Here we discuss our spray paint ideas for in and around your home. Top DIY spray paint Read More

Create Your Very Own Garden Screen for Less Than £20!

Posted on 16th October 2017 by Darren Cullen

If your garden or apartment balcony is lacking a little privacy or could do with a new addition to help bring it back to life then you’re going to love this weeks article and guide. We’ve decided to create a basic tutorial that you can follow at home to use and create your very own Read More

What a Change! Totally Spotless Spray Painting Done Easy

Posted on 18th September 2017 by Darren Cullen

Many DIY enthusiasts love the idea of spray painting old, worn out items and bringing them back to life in some capacity so that they can be reused in their home. A lot of sentimental items tend to be refurbished because people sceptical and get themselves worked up about the repercussions should they decide to Read More

How To Guide: How To Spray Paint a Bike

Posted on 21st August 2017 by Darren Cullen

Many full time workers use a bike to commute to and from a place of work during the week as well as for personal use and exercise over weekends. Understanding how to spray paint a bike can help you save a lot of money on repairs and maintenance. Although . . . using a bike Read More

How to Spray Paint Furniture Efficiently

Posted on 7th August 2017 by Darren Cullen

There’s no doubt that spray painting old pieces of furniture is a cheaper way to transform otherwise redundant items. A lot of homeowners that store old pieces of furniture tend to just arrange a date to take it all to the local waste site or donate it to a local charity store. Fortunately, if you’re Read More

Spray Paint Products: 5 DIY Spray Paint Aerosols You Need

Posted on 31st July 2017 by Darren Cullen

There’s no hiding it – DIY is a massive hobby in the UK and enjoyed by more than 200,000 people every year. However, spray painting has become a growing past time, with more and more people wanting to find cheap spray paint products to use on their part time projects. If you’re looking for spray-painting Read More

Spray Painting Indoors: Everything You Can & Can’t Do

Posted on 30th June 2017 by Darren Cullen

Finding the time during a house renovation to start spray painting indoors is hard: You need to ensure that a few things are done before you start to make sure your belongings and surrounding pieces of furniture remain protected. By spraying correctly and in the right environment, you can save up to 50% of your Read More

Lifesaver! How to Estimate the Cost of Painting a House

Posted on 11th June 2017 by Darren Cullen

There are many reasons for decorating the interior of your property. In most cases, you may have recently relocated or you may have even decided to update your home. Either way, this is how you can estimate the cost of painting a house. So what is your reason? Relocation Internal refurbishment Felt like a change Read More

Reasons for Using a Good Spray Can for DIY

Posted on 18th April 2017 by Darren Cullen

If you have ever considered getting your hands dirty and completing a little DIY over a bank holiday weekend, then I am sure that you have considered both standard brush applied paints and aerosol spray cans. The truth? Both have different application methods, providing different qualities of finish. However, spray can applications have proven to Read More

Nothing Better Than a Quality Chrome Paint

Posted on 15th March 2017 by Darren Cullen

There are many aerosol chrome coatings on the market and available to purchase and some are extremely outstanding, for example, Hydro chrome. While others are not and to get directly to the point, a considerable measure of the chrome aerosols which is accessible on the UK market is of poor quality and has been created Read More

3 Creative Activities for Every Child

Posted on 15th February 2017 by Darren Cullen

Part of the fun of being a parent is being able to get involved with the creative activities and events without having to admit that you really want to be there. For young children being creative is a major step in their development – as parents you should do whatever you can to encourage creativity Read More

Finding Spray Paint Projects

Posted on 10th February 2017 by Darren Cullen

If you’re into your DIY and decorative projects, finding a new project to crack on with can be a little tricky at times. However, there are so many ways that you can find inspiration. Social networking websites such as Pinterest and Instagram are great visual sites that allow you to browse, upload and enjoy decorative Read More

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